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CMY(K) Colour Models

Yellow (Jaune)
blacK (Noir)

CMY to CMYK - The Idea of the K or Black is to replace the even amounts of all the colours with black leaving the difference for a more defined image.

K = Minimum of C,M,K
C = (C-K)/(1-K)
M = (M-K)/(1-K)
Y = (Y-K)/(1-K)

Here we need to simulate the black back into the separate colours.
This may be needed where the ink limits need adjusting for printing.
C = C*(1-K)+K
M = M*(1-K)+K
Y = Y*(1-K)+k

converting between RGB and CMY(K) is easy but note that these direct conversions should be done between colour profiling.

C = (1-R)
M = (1-G)
Y = (1-B)

R = (1-C)
G = (1-M)
B = (1-Y)

Like with the CMY calculations we looked for the smallest amount of colour for setting black in RGB we are looking for the most and then converting for our calculation.

K = (1-Maximum R,G,B)
C = ((1-R)-K)/(1-K)
M = ((1-G)-K)/(1-K)
Y = ((1-B)-K)/(1-K)

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