This is the art of maths, using mathematics to create a wonderful visual graphic. The most common for of this is fractals. The most famous was the Mandlebrot fractal using a formula of Z=Z2+c. If after so many calculations the number has stayed within a specified 2D space it is assumed that this will be here for infinity so is a black hole. If however it escapes then the number of times the calculation has been processed before it escaped is mapped to a colour and displayed like so.

Using a varied version of the Mandlebrot known as the Buddhabrot fractal they found out they could map the path of the calculations to create a heat map, the brighter the pixel the more times it has passed over that specific spot, adding a bit of colour magic allows the image to become a bit prettier.
Next came the Julia fractal but instead of calculating c the real and imaginary parts are fixed, for example at -0.8 and 0.156. what is it? what use is it? what can you get from it? how do i make use of it? how can i do some ©2015 - 2020