Education for UK Pupils

With the every changing systems in education it has always left parents wondering if their child is doing okay or not. To parents it often appears to be a way to avoid to answer the question instead of offering clarity.
So the aim of this project is for parent to understand what is expected by the government for the schools to teach our children. In turn we can assess our child's knowledge at a given age so they can achieve the best they can.

So why are we having to do this?

Quite simply because the system is not designed to get the best from each and every child. Children have different needs to others, they understand in different ways but teacher can only teach in one way. It is inevitable that children will be left behind as a catch net is too costly and the schools budgets as with other services are being tightened. Although schools will deny that the are a business they are essentially being run as one.
For each pupil they teach they get funding, this funding is then applied in the way they deem best for the future. The schools need for high achievers is at the forefront of most schools are they believe this is the best model to teach as many children in the time given. When children change schools this that may of not been performing correctly the new school then has an issue to deal with. Help the struggling child or look at the whole. So this is where we as parents have to step in and this project is aimed at giving you the help you need to assess, develop and teach your child the basics that they need to know. Understanding that parents cannot all be rocket scientists we have resources to enable both to learn as you go, "Everyday is a school day!"
So now you know what this project is about lets get started.